Values for A New Age

Con Art, Site Gallery, Sheffield & Glyn Vivian, Swansea

The first film, shot on Super 8 shows our first successful attempt to make a wineglass (with some wine in it) move around a table as if by spectral forces.

This second video shows the piece installed in the 'Con Art' show, Site Gallery, Sheffield.

Here, the wineglass and table sit inside a box. Two cctv cameras relay the footage to the outside world. A peephole on one side allows the viewer to see the wineglass in actualite, but sensors stop the glass moving when the viewer approaches. If the viewer is quick enough, they can see the wine settling. When the viewer moves away from the peephole, the glass begins to move again. Looking back into the peephole, the viewer can work out that it has changed position, and, that it has changed relative to the cctv footage.

The third video shows the mechanism and what you don't see in th actual piece - the actual wineglass moving rather than the live cctv relay of its movement.

Tags: sceance, technology and the uncanny, poltergeist, irrational response, con art, sleight of hand, magic, schrodinger's cat, experiment affects the outcome