Editing Work

Mirage Men
Trailer for forthcoming feature documentary by Roland Denning, John Lundberg, Kypros Kyprianou and Mark Pilkington

Paths Through Utopias is a time travel-post-collapse-documentary-road-movie. This is the French trailer. Paths Through Utopias is a book-film project by Isa Fernaux and John Jordan.

Film by Isa Fernaux, John Jordan and Kypros Kyprianou. Music by Isa Suarez

A documentary by Roland Denning, edited by Kypros Kyprianou

Wolfman / Pete Doherty, 'This Ones For Lovers', edited by Kypros Kyprianou

Libertines, Can't Stand Me Now, editor

An extract of an hour long documentary made in Leeds in 2001. (Heads Together & Kypros Kyprianou)

Got to Know?
Discovery Channel ident

Below is a documentary - The Weekend Starts Here (in five youtube sections) I edited for Channel 4.

Arts Council/BBC2/

For the BBC2 series Sound On Film.

For the BBC2 series Dance For The Camera

Lighting Awards commercial videos

Lighting Awards commercial videos

Below are clips for a GuardianFilms project / Breda Beeban that I edited some of. The project, Your Greenham can be found at: