Perspective stop-frame animations

This first part of the stop-frame animation uses gaffer tape. In order to taking into account of the shape of the room, the gaffer tape was put on at varying thicknesses (the floor being very wide because of the angle of the camera) to give the illusion from one perspective of a perfect square.

I took stills as I re-rolled the gaffer tape onto its cardboard tube, using the stickiness of the gaffer to help it cling to the walls and defy gravity. At the end of this process I was left with some rather fetching re-rolled gaffer tape and the short animation below.

Using the frame from the first gaffer tape animation, I got all the spare bits of easels, cardboard boxes, wood, chairs and general rubbish lying about at Christ's studio Cambridge and piled it up rather haphazardly so that from the position of the camera it appears to make a perfect square. Again reverse filming it, I was left with a pile of stuff to put back in its rightful place.