Scarborough Sound

Kypros Kyprianou & Adrian Sinclair, Heads Together
A YOTA residency and permanent installation at Scarborough Hospital.
8 channel sound installation, 4 hour, loop
funded by Arts Council England & Scarborough Hospital Trust

We spent the residency recording sound in various areas of Scarborough. The ambient sound of the seaside, the clifftops, the arcades, coffe shops, and visited shopkeepers and interviewed the general public.

The final installaiton is a six channel soundscape, that comes on for four hourse each day. The artwork is installed in a busy subterranean corridoor. Walking down the corridoor the listener is taken on different journeys around Scarborough, from interiors to the seashore, from the , from abstract and musical to the concrete and the spoken word, from the micro to the macro and from the hospital to a re-connected outside world.