Secondhand pieces

A Car Boot Sale of the Elements
Invite image

More than One Way to Fry an Egg
Menu pegboard, installation view

Graphite and Diamond, Two Allotropes of Carbon (6)
"DIAMOND" spanner, pencils, rubber band

The Chemical Elements of the Periodic Table Ordered By Their Date Of Discovery In Relation To The Height Of The Staff And Pupils Of Westoe Secondary School, South Shields 1954
Photograph and numbered stickers.
ACA collection

As the title suggests, the elements in order of discovery have been overlaid according to the tallness of the pupils. Number 6 (carbon) being the tallest pupil, as the discovery of fire is the first element that was likely to be discovered when lightning hit a tree.

Towards the Island of Stability
Wool, pins, sticky tape

Lead sign
Lead sheet, council sign