A Guide to the Departments of the University of Cambridge

“I come now to the town, and university of Cambridge. The colleges, halls, and houses are promiscuously scattered up and down among the other parts, and some even among the meanest of the other buildings; yet they are incorporated together, by the name of the university, and are governed apart, and distinct from the town, which they are so intermixed with.”

- Daniel Defoe, A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724)

In endeavouring to find my way around Cambridge I sought out a copy of the University Departmental Directory.

Wandering around and taking fairly random shots as I was getting my bearings, I began to match what I thoght that faculties and departments sound like they might do with the snapshots (some real and some manipulated) that I was slowly amassing, to create A Guide to the Departments at the University of Cambridge