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'The Car That Turned' is being screened at the Index Art Centre New Jersey, USA on April 25th.

The Castle

Hollington and Kyprianou's Hoodwink commission in a Wilkinson's store in Folkestone.

Art Car Boot Fair, Folkestone 2014

Some of the goods from 'The Castle' on sale at the Folkestone Art Car Boot


HECKLER: Tactics to heckle, hiss, howl and holler.

Kypros will be giving a presentation 'Let me paint you a picture' at a symposium of performative presentations and provocations organised by Loughborough University School of the Artsʼ Lee Campbell and Mel Jordan in association with Trade, Nottingham.

Trade, 1 Thoresby Street, Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG1 1AJ.
Saturday 13 July 2013
12.30pm - 18.30pm

No Time Like The Present

No Time Like The Present is an academic paper on the ethics of time travel by Dr. Chris Degeling (University of Sydney), Anson Fehross and Ian Lawson, inspired by ‘The Allenheads Findings’.

If we received a message from the future telling us that something we are doing now is screwing up people in the future-what would be the correct ethical response-to act or ignore? Well the answer is more complex than you think- give it a read- it’s a page-turner.

The Olympic Torch

A short film about the Olympic torch

All the bells

Cultural Olympiad (West Norwood)

The Future of Futures

Adams & Smith is featured in the book, 'The Future of Futures', marking the 10th anniversary of the Association of Professional Futurists.

The Allenheads Findings
If you find yourself in Northumberland in October- December we will be unveiling the results of our residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts

Opening: Saturday October 15, 2-6pm at the old Post Office, Allenheads, Northumberland. Exhibition and film screening continues until December 7th.

What a Carve Up

Private view: 22nd June 6pm-9pm
Public House Projects, 62 Gowlett Road (above the Gowlett pub), Peckham SE15 4HY.

For further info Public House Projects.

The Nightwatchman in Canada

If you find yourself in Canada in April 2012 we will be guest speakers at The Nuclear Industry Research Group Nuclear Industry Research Group conference and workshop 'The Nuclear Industry in the 21st Century Environment.' at the University of Toronto. We’ll be giving a presentation on our involvement with The British Atomic Nuclear Group and general Nuclear Industry skulduggery.

The Nightwatchman / BANG archive is also here

International Short Film and Video Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
We have two films screening in December in the Vertical Films section;
Two Squared, (Kypros Kyprianou) and One, lime Street (Kyprianou / Rose Butler)

Blushing Mona Lisa
Tom Keene & Kypros Kyprianou. Showing at Like Shadows: A Celebration of Shyness, Phoenix, White Nights
Phoenix, Brighton. Curated by Helen Sloan / SCAN

Art PLatform LA
If you find yourself in Los Angeles at the end of the month, YoungProjects will be showing one of our films at ArtPlatform LA, a new Art Fair from The Armory. But which film you ask? Well that would be telling.

OCT 1 - OCT 3, 2011
Opening Preview Friday, September 30
L.A. Mart, 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Contemporary Art Journal

The latest edition of the South Korean Contemporary Art Journal has a decent splash on our British Atomic Nuclear Group project. And the magazine even appears to contain no adverts. Just writing and pictures and stuff. So if you find yourself in South Korea, pop down to the local John Menzies and bag yourself a copy.

The Nightwatchman / BANG archive is also here

Peloton Screenings

We are showing some films at
Peloton in Sydney, Austalia, as part of Kerry Baldry's One Minute Volume 3 and One Minute Volume 4.
From 24 Nov– 17 Dec.

One, Lime Street

One, Lime Street (with Rose Butler) is being shown as part of the Wirksworth Festival , on the 18th September, 6:00pm, Wirksworth Town Hall.